November 21-24, 2016

…It has been one wild ride these past couple days coming from Williams, Arizona. The day we left town we ran into some rain, hail, and then some snow. Got some cool pictures of it though! We went through a National forest area where the roads were brown with sticky dirt. In fact they call it clay down here because it sticks to everything and then it hardens. So it kept us on our toes while we tried pushing with all our strength. The next couple of days we went through a more rugged terrain, s lot of rocks. It was difficult to push through but we managed to do it. We came out eventually into Ash Fork, Arizona the day of thanksgiving and got a few hot dogs and side snacks to cook up later on our camping stove. We continued on some back trails next to the railroad outside of town and eventually on some dirt roads since Route 66 ran out. We found a campsite next to a rock wall where Mark got some nice pictures. FaceTime came in handy to talk to our holiday festive families and we got to cook up hot dogs. It is weird being away from family on a such a major holiday, but it reminds you of what to be truly thankful for for Thanksgiving. Although we did not have an abundance of food, we had an abundance of God’s grace and fellowship with each other and that’s something to be truly thankful for….

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  • Carol says:

    Continuing to be amazed can’t wait for your book

  • Jo Ann says:

    Hey guys, I am Jo Ann from Jacksboro, Texas. My husband and I met you when you came through here over a year ago. You stopped at our convenience store. Then we were traveling to Lubbock, Texas for Thanksgiving and saw you again. I just caught up with your blog. It reminded me of your last Thanksgiving – do you remember? That horrible ice storm! You were stuck at Dickins, Texas in the motel with no electricity for days! Anyway glad to catch up with you by way of your blog. Keep up the good work for Jesus!

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