November 20 - December 2, 2015

….It took us about a week and a half to make it to the next town Dickens. Which was about 60 miles away from Benjamin. There was a lot of camping here in there in that span of time and many beautiful canyon views along the way and the stars were so clear every night. It was great timing once we got in Dickens because it was on Thanksgiving day when we arrived and we managed to get a motel room before the holiday weekend had a crazy winter storm. There was a ┬ástorm that passed through for about 2 days and froze everything in that small town. God provided us with shelter just in the nick of time! And there was also a cafe and convenience store right beside us. We didn’t really have a super solid meal with all that walking beforehand so it was a blessing to eat good diner food. We made sure we got to call our families for thanksgiving. It was tough not being there with our families but it was great to have three of us instead of having nobody.

…..After Dickens, the next town was a much shorter distance away than the previous, only about 24 miles to the town of Crosbyton. We stopped at a rest area only a little ways away from Crosbyton, that was at the bottom of a somewhat canyon. It had heated bathrooms, and a large area to set up camp. Thankfully the owner let us camp out, but we had to leave early from the park, so we left before dark the next day. Crosbyton was only about four miles away so we made it to town fairly early in the morning…

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