November 20-23, 2014: Arkadelphia, Arkansas

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….These next couple of days we took a rest, the first night we camped just outside of Arkadelphia and then the next day made it into town. Arkadelphia was pretty interesting, it was a college town of two universities; Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University, and a lot of people who were our age. The First Baptist in town put us up in a motel across the street for the night and invited us to their thanksgiving meal for the university’s foreign exchange students. It was a welcoming meal for them. So after we got settled in the motel and took a nap we went to the church and met all kinds of students from Mexico, Zimbabwe, China, Japan, etc. They all got to share where they were from and what they were thankful for this thanksgiving, including us. We got to share with a couple church members who were helping there as well about our journey.

…The following day we took a workday at the motel right next to the one we were at. This motel had internet we could use to update the website and post pictures. We also found cheap plane tickets to fly home for Christmas from Dallas, Texas! Praise God! We went to church on Sunday, the First Baptist Church that put us up in a motel. The service was cool, they had a giant choir and at the end of the service they did a chime song with bells. They also invited us to their thanksgiving meal in the fellowship hall downstairs. They treated us quite well! We got to share our testimonies and journey with our fellow church family. We then walked about 5 miles down the road and camped out in a field behind some trees for the night…

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