November 18, 2014: Great Provider

By December 12, 2014Uncategorized

…The family invited us in the morning for breakfast and coffee and we had a little bible study inside before leaving. It was a cold, cold night, but God sought us through! It was such an honor to meet and spend time with all of them! We got to pet the pigs before leaving (Sorry I forgot the family’s names!). We walked all day until dinner and decided to camp out for the night down in a ditch off the side of the road. During our time setting up and while we were in our tents afterwards, many people who saw us pulled over and offered hot chocolate, meals, help, ect. It was a lot of people! God provides more than we could ever ask or think! We had little food and did not know what we were going to eat that night! A cop also pulled over to make sure we were alright. He got a call by someone who thought the jogging stroller we were pushing had a baby in it! But, we explained and he left right afterwards. It was also a beautiful clear night out, you could see tons of stars. The hot chocolate also kept us nice and toasty! Thanks God!

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