November 17, 2014: Heat in the Cold

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…Early in the morning Dan, a member of the Holland Chapel church picked us up from Jon and Summer’s house and took us to pump air in both tires on the chariot before we headed off on the road. We passed the town Malvern, AR and then walked into some back woods country. It was starting to get dark so we were looking for a place to stay for the night. We saw a sign that said “Free Bunnies” beside a driveway leading up a hill and we felt a leading to go there because God had a place for us. We were going to ask the owners if we could camp on their property. Going up the driveway we came to some pigs who were in a pen and chickens. Then further up the hill were a couple of German Shepherd dogs and then the house. The family living there nonchalantly just said, “Ya that would be fine,” and told we could set up wherever. Later they invited us in and gave us some hot ramen noodles to warm us up. They also let us use their wood to build a fire since it was going to be below freezing that night and also treated us to some coffee! This family is building up a self sustaining farm for themselves, hence all the animals and they gave us a little tour. It was quite a blessing! Even though it was cold the Lord always provides a way to keep us warm and alive…

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