November 16, 2014: Praising and Worshiping Jesus!

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…We missed church in the morning but were able to have a church service of our own at McDonald’s. We read the bible and talked about it. Holland Baptist Church in Benton, AR was having a service in the evening so we thought we would give them a call to see if we could join them. We called Josh, the mission pastor, and he came, picked us up, and hauled us back to church. He also asked us if we would do a couple of worship songs for the service. He called Keaton, the worship pastor to get permission and he thought it was a great idea. We came in kind of late but we were able to tune Trevor’s guitar and get on stage after the bible study. We sang with Keaton “How He Loves” and two songs of our own, “Came to My Rescue” and “How Great Is Our God.” The church then prayed over us afterwards. Jon and Summer, a couple from the church, invited us to dinner and to spend the night at their house. We went to a pizza restaurant and a group of the church joined us including Pastor Jason and his family. Jon and Summer then took us back to their house for the night and we spent a good amount of time talking and getting to know them before heading to bed. They were such a blessing! It was great being able to join the congregation in praising our Lord Jesus!

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