November 13, 2014: A Family Farm and A Family’s Home

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…Woke up this morning pretty toasty in our sleeping bags, but once we started wiggling out it was not so toasty. Thankfully the secretary, Diana, let us in the church and gave us some warm oatmeal and coffee. We had our devotionals inside. Eventually Pastor Jason and Josh Turner and the worship pastor Keaton showed up. Before we left, Pastor Jason told us that we can spend the night at his house because we were going to end up nearby his home on our way to the town of Malvern. Also, Josh Turner informed us that there was going to be a men’s group meeting near the location we would be ending up at and we could join them for dinner. The place is called Family Farm. We did not quite make it to the farm before sundown but, ended up at a Moose Lodge Club where a lady fed us hot chili soup. It was good because it was pretty cold out. Her husband then drove us to the Family Farm only a few miles down the road. They were really welcoming and they had a huge area for the men to meet. There were a lot of men that had come to the meeting, from our age to elderly. When everyone showed up we started eating and after dinner there was a guest speaker who spoke a message and testimony. It was a powerful moment and the presence of God was there. The family that owned the place were very kind and waited along with us until Pastor Jason came to pick us up. Jason had a separate apartment attached to his house that he let us stay in and invited us over to the main house for some pumpkin pie. We got to talk and hang out for a bit before heading to bed because it was late. We had a great time getting to know him and his family and they let us feel like we were right at home…

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