November 14-15, 2014: A New Strolling Stroller

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…We woke up early this morning because Jason was taking his kids to school. Micah, Jason’s wife, gave us breakfast to go and we were on our way back to our walking point. Today we were going to pick up a new addition to our walking gang, a jogging stroller! It was a long walk to get to the location, it was in the town of Malvern, AR. We made it just outside of the town and the greyhound bus station, whom we mailed the stroller, was closing at 5 pm and we were 4 miles out of town around 4:30. But, God sent a lady who asked us if we needed a ride! So she drove us to the station just before it was about to close. The lady at the station was very kind to us. We got the stroller, and put together the parts. It was a pretty sweet jogging stroller, complete with a water proof cover to keep the inside dry! The station lady told us that there were places to stay down the road, so we walked to America’s Best Value and they gave us a discount. We were also able to be a blessing to the front desk lady by praying for her and her family. Then, we rested for the night, and went to McDonald’s for dinner…

…The next day we had a work day for the blog and did some ministry at the motel. God is so faithful, he provided the jogging stroller and we got to get there just in time to get it. It’s amazing to see God prove himself real. Everyday is an adventure when you are on his side!

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