November 13 - 19, 2015

….Continuing from the Sagamour Inn we attended a church in Seymour on Sunday called The Harvest Church. The members of the church were really welcoming to us and invited to stop by before we left town. So the following day we stopped by to say hi before leaving town. The lead pastor Sonny and assistant pastor Jason invited us in and let us fill up our water bladders and read the bible for an hour. Apparently there were severe thunderstorms and Tornadoes coming through that night from talking to both of them and they offered to give us a motel room to stay at for the night. Jason also invited us over for dinner with his family. We got to have an awesome time with Jason, his wife, and little boy. It was a huge blessing…

…The following days we walked to Benjamin which was about 30 miles away. It took us about 3 days total to get to Benjamin. We saw a lot of beautiful countryside along our way. Before the town we saw a view that looked like a mini Grand Canyon, it was awesome. In Benjamin we stopped at the only gas station in town to get some food and met Lauren who was at the cashier. Her and her friends were a huge help to us. That night we got camp outside the Sheriff’s station and talk to the jailer. The following day we also got to talk to the inmates and minister them while we were packing our tents. We left a little later after we had a bible study. The next town was about 60 miles, so we made sure we restocked our food and Lauren brought us some supplies from Walmart. She was so helpful! And off we went…..

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