November 12, 2014: Can’t Get a hold on my Phone

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…It was quite the crazy day today. We woke up this morning and ate at the inn’s continental breakfast, we had our devotions and packed our bags. We talked to the morning front desk lady who was a fellow believer and left. About a mile or two into the walk Jonathan realized he did not have his phone. This put us in a pickle because Trevor had no phone because his was stolen about a month ago and now we would have no way of contacting anybody! So we looked thoroughly back the road we traveled all the way back to the Days Inn. The front desk lady was really encouraging and told us not to worry about it and just be at peace with the Lord. We ended up not finding the phone and there was no AT&T stores nearby, so we decided to keep moving on. We didn’t get that much mileage today again and ended up at a church called Holland Baptist where we met Josh Turner. Now this Josh Turner was not the country singer but one of the pastors of the church. Sorry to get your hopes up, but this Josh Turner was awesome. I think Josh Turner got his name from this guy. Anyways they let us set up camp behind the church property. Josh also invited us to the men’s meeting in the evening. As we were setting up our tents Paul, one of the guys we met and hung out with at the Centerpoint church in Bryant, came and gave Jonathan his phone! It was a complete miracle! Apparently Paul saw us walking and called Jonathan’s cell phone and someone else answered it. Someone must of picked it up off the side of the road and meet up with Paul to return it! God is amazing! We were worried for nothing. It was so much easier to trust than, waste time worrying. God always provides. We set up camp and went to the men’s meeting where learned how to be men of course, men of God. It was really good. A lot of men there had questions to ask about the trip and afterward one of them, Dwayne, took us to Wendy’s to get something to eat for dinner. We ate in our tents and then bundled up for the night. It was the perfect cool temperature…

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