November 10-11, 2014: Sort of Sore

By November 29, 2014 Uncategorized

…These next two days, we had a little truck stop because of some issues we were having again with Trevor’s foot. I think our packs were just wearing us out because we have been carrying them every day for this past year. So we made it out Bryant and into Benton where we stopped at an IHOP for dinner. Our waitress, Robyn was very sweet and we got to minister and give her some advice. She was going through a hard time as a single mom. Right next to the IHOP was a Day’s Inn and we went there to see if they were willing to give us a lower rate and they were! The next day we decided to stay and rest up because our bodies were just worn down. This upcoming week we were getting a jogging stroller to help us get some of the weight off our backs which would make it easier for us to walk. We found a nice hardcore stroller for a reasonable price on Craigslist with the help of Trevor’s dad, Gary, thank the Lord!

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