May 9-12, 2014: WartBurg, TN

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….we arose in the morning refreshed. We had to make sure we were off the property before ten, when we said we would be. Dylan’s house was only right up the road on a hill. It was a one story white house. Dylan was actually the manager of a Taco Bell in Oak Ridge, TN. He also has awesome dreadlocks. He made us a bunch of pancakes for breakfast. Willy was also there chilling. Our conversations consisted of Dylan telling one of his many experiences when he was younger, and it was hilarious. He had a bunch of stories to tell. After breakfast Willy showed us some bands he listens to. Dylan also has a record player with a bunch of records that he collected. Willy hung out for a while and then left to do some errands. So, we hung out with Dylan. Our conversations continued and eventually we came to the subject of God. He had a lot of questions on whether God is real or not, and we answered with the discernment of the Holy Spirit. A lot of questions were asked and were answered, and his character changed. God definitely used us to plant a seed. For lunch we ate subway and later Willy came back over. All five of us hung out until evening and went to bed pretty late. The next day we said goodbye to Dylan and Willy and walked into Wartburg, TN. Along the way we met a pastor preaching at an intersection, who was the Mayor’s assistant. He managed to find us a place at a church in town called First Baptist. It was a big church and two people from the church came to let us in. They told us we could use the kitchen for anything and one of the men, Connerd took us out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. When we got back to the church we took showers and went to bed. Sunday, we got to attend the church’s service on Mother’s Day. First there was a bible study before the service, then the actual service. Both were very good teachings about serving each other as a church. We got to meet a lot of people as well. Lunch after the service was at Hardies. We walked to the restaurant and met some people who went to the church service. One of the men we met, Russell, let us crash at his place for the night. There we got to spend some quality time with Russell, his wife, and jack russell terrier. Russell had such a humble and servant heart, and went out of his way to do anything for us. In the morning Russell treated us to breakfast at Hardies again. From there he took us to the library, and there we worked on the website using the free wifi. Five hours being there and getting a lot done, we left and walked to a very desolate area that had a beautiful river. The place was actually a park but very little people went to it because it was deep in the forest. We found place to set up camp by the river early. There was also a swing rope where you can swing and jump in the river. We had a thrilling time doing that. It was fun. It was getting dark so we went back to camp and ate dinner. We then slipped into our tents for sleeping…

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  • Carol says:

    Again…awesome! I wish I was a guy and 18 years old! What an incredible journey! You are young Paul’s. I know Paul would’ve loved the rope splash!!! Keep on keeping on! Here in Michigan it is warm (finally) and a little stormy. I like these days..inside! Praying for my new friends!

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