May 4-8, 2014: Brisket, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, Bed and Breakfast, and Beekeeping

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….after we said a bittersweet goodbye to Trevor’s mother and brother, and Jonathan’s mother we started our trek towards Oak Ridge TN. That evening, we got picked up by a guy named Rick whom Jim, the pastor at Heritage Fellowship Church in Jefferson City, contacted for a place for us to stay. He picked us up at a Food City we came across during our walk. Rick cooked us up some delicious brisket and pork barbecue sandwiches. Rick is opening up a restaurant in Oak Ridge and he is a great chef. We got to talk to Rick and his wife for a long time and they are great brothers and sisters in Christ. They let us take showers and we got a spare room to sleep in. The next morning Rick took us to Hardies for breakfast and drove us back to Food City. At Food City we read our bibles for an hour and after reading we left. We walked about 7 miles almost into Oak Ridge and managed to pitch our tents at a Shell gas station that was open 24 hours. We went to bed at 7:30 so that we could get up really early. The next day was very hot and humid. Along the way we felt lead to go to a Church also called Heritage in Oak Ridge, and also because we were burning up and Jeffrey needed to refill his water. There we met a kind fellow who invited us in. They couldn’t take us in for the night because it was also an elementary school, but he let us use the bathrooms and refill water for our Camel Baks. From there we walked further down and saw that there was room on the side of the highway to camp on in the forest. So, we set up camp beside the highway, out of the view of traffic. There were so many bugs eating us alive! So we made sure to spray every inch of our body and went to bed in our tents, where the bugs could n0t break through. The next day we made our way into Oliver Springs, TN. After trying to find a place to stay at, the police station and a church, we kept going until we came across a random place called Windmill Bed and Breakfast. It was very hot and we wanted a place to stay so that we could get some work done. The lady who owned the place gave us a generous discount for a night’s stay. It was really nice of her and the place was amazing. The next day the inn keeper made us a delicious breakfast. Then we packed, and left towards Wartburg TN. Along the way we met a Journalist Photographer who just graduated from the University of Tennessee. She took photos of us and wanted to document them. After the photo shoot we continued our way to Wartburg. It was towards evening when we passed a house where an elderly man was working on his lawn. He invited us on his property, gave us drinks, and let us camp out on his land. He was also a beekeeper and he gave us each a bottle of his homemade honey. While we were setting up our tents, two younger dudes our age whose names were, Willy and Dylan. Dylan saw us on the road before and was going to offer us his place for the night, but we already set up camp. We told him that we would hang out with him in the morning. After talking with them for a while we went to bed…. (Also today was Jonathan’s sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Julia!)

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  • carol says:

    Enjoying your updates. God is smiling on you. I cannot wait to read your book. I . Am Carol (Hampton inn in strawberry plains). We just returned home from Tenn. Our granddaughter graduated from high school with high honors. Her mom was with us when we met you. She took pictures. Are you on schedule ? Stay safe and well. We pray for you and tell our friends about you. God bless. Carol

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