May 31 – June 26, 2014: Surprise! Vacation!

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The next 3 days we had been in Nashville TN, with some of our friends from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Trevor got to play on the street and make some cash and we got to explore downtown Nashville. Later we got to explore more and see the Nashville Parthenon that was designed like the original in Greece. We also explored a hat shop downtown and went to a Barnes and Nobles to get some coffee. Other locations we went to was a coffee shop and a guitar center where we checked out a bunch of cool instruments. Nashville was quite the experience! Back at the cabin Dylan showed us the latest songs him and his band, Iron Vessel, were writing. It was groovy, folkish, and funky. We had a great time catching up with our friends, it was super fun.

The last day we managed to get plane tickets to go back home to see our families. Both our families every summer take a trip down to Sanibel Florida and we were pretty bummed out that we might not be able to make it. Trevor and I prayed about it a lot and felt a huge peace to go and had many confirmations to take a break and go on vacation. We were trying to find a way back so that we could go on vacation. The day before we were took a ride home we found 50 dollar plane tickets to Trenton New Jersey! It definitely was God blessing us! So we got the tickets and Dylan offered to take us to the Nashville international airport. From there we flew to New Jersey where Trevor’s older brother, Gordon, picked us up and took us home to surprise our families. No one knew of our trip back home so we definitely gave everyone a scare when we returned! It was awesome and a lot of fun surprising everyone. So, we took about a three week break, from June 2-26 and went to Florida with our families and had crazy fun! It really was a blessing being able to make be there for both us and our families. Sanibel Island was beautiful, and we got to go to the beach just about every day since we were in a house that was only about 4 blocks away. From there, Trevor and Jonathan’s family went to Georgia to visit Luli’s (Jonathan’s mom) cousin, Claudia, and her family. Claudia took us to the lake they lived on where they let us ride jet skis! We also went to Claudia and her husband Dan’s restaurant called Dan’s Grill, where he cooks cuban cuisine that is the best! If you ever are in Blairsville, Georgia go there, and say hi to Jonathan’s Uncle Dan and Aunt Claudia! Also try there food, you won’t be sorry.

After 4 days being in Georgia Jonathan’s family drove them back to Nashville where we got see Luli’s other cousin and Jonathan’s aunt Elizabeth in Spring Hill, TN. We spent the night there and they cooked us some juicy burgers for dinner. The next day we then spent the day in Nashville and got to see Dylan and Katie. In the evening Jonthan’s parents drove us back to where we left off before arriving in Nashville about 3 weeks before. They paid for a stay at an inn and we had a heartfelt goodbye. We sure miss them and it was really a huge blessing being able to see them and hopefully again along the trip. It was time to get back into the swing of things on the road. We are truly blessed to be able to have such loving and great families and it sort of showed us that you can’t take such wonderful people in your life for granted….

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  • Dave says:

    Hey guys. Just read this post. I am one of the pastors that prayed with you in Nashville at the ice cream shop. You won’t believe it but I pastor in Blairsville and eat at Dan’s Grill on a regular basis. So next time you are in town contact me at All Saints Lutheran Church.

    • Wow!!! Tell my uncle Dan and aunt Claudia and their family we said Hi and that I love them! My name is Jonathan. Haha that is so cool that God worked that out! And we will have to visit your church next time we visit!

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