May 26-28, 2014: Leg Problem

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Some good old breakfast this morning; a whole lot of biscuit sandwiches, from steak, to ham, to pork sandwiches, we had them all! We then had a race to see who could pack faster, Jonathan lost because his Camel Bak leaked some water so he had to repack everything. If only it didn’t leak!! Anyways, along the road today Jonathan’s leg started to hurt and it was hard to walk, taking a break was needed. After we ate a burger for lunch at a gas station, we continued and came to a stop because it was hard for Jonathan to walk any further. We sat on the side of the road wondering how we were going to make it to the next town which was about 6 miles away. Just a few minutes later, Steve, the pastor from Christ Point, the last church we stayed at, saw us and pulled up on the side of the road to say hello. Thank God that he did! So, that night he took us back to his house and we took showers and ate supper. He provided us his living room to sleep in for the night! God sure had a hand in this divine encounter when we needed it!

The next morning, Steve took us to Hardies for breakfast and dropped us back where we were on the side of the road the previous day. Jonathan’s leg this morning was significantly better and he was able to walk about 5 miles today. We ended up eating at a restaurant which had phinominal cheese burgers for lunch. Trevor found out that there was a gas station right across the road that had a camp ground behind it. So after munching we took a trip over to the station and asked the manager about camping. He willingly let us camp out for a cheap price and was excited to have us stay for the night. Outside the station, the manager had brisket and sold pork barbecue sandwiches in the gas station, so we enjoyed some fresh brisket for dinner and talked to a few folks who stopped by for their dinner portions of barbecue as well. When we went to our camp site for bed, we meet a elderly man who has been working in the construction business for building bridges for many decades. He invited us into his camper for some drinks of water and we got to really minister to him and let him know that Jesus really does care about him. He felt like he was not ready to receive Jesus just yet, but God sure did plant a seed. After saying goodnight we went back to our camping huts.

Today we got to head into Nashville just a little earlier than what we expected. Our friends Dylan, Katie, Caleb, and Alex drove down to Nashville for the weekend because they were planning to move into the city. Dylan and his band, Iron Vessel, want to pursue the music industry here in Nashville and are moving soon. Check out there band, they got some great tunes!  So, today we took it easy and found a ride to Nashville to hang out with our buddies. We walked down to a marina where there was a restaurant on the lake. It was a beautiful lake with a lot of vacation boats and ones you could rent as wellt. We ate at the restaurant there and met a lot of people who had questions on what we were doing. We were about 75 miles outside of Nashville and Dylan was too far away too pick us up. The marina restaurant actually offered for us to camp out on the dock of the restaurant, but thankfully some people were willing to drive us to Nashville. These people were super awesome and we had such a blast riding to Nashville with them! (I have to write down names because I forget a lot of people, I am so sorry!). We met up with Dylan and the gang not too far from Nashville, and he drove us back to a mini cabin at Yogi Bear Campground in Nashville. They were going to drive us back to the marina when they were going to head back to Pennsylvania. We went to Walmart to get some groceries and Katie, Dylan’s girlfriend, cooked us dinner that night and we got to hang out a bit before bedtime…

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  • ellie heinrich says:

    hi u marvelous guys! i’m finally on line..God worked it out! luvu & pray every day..He sure is doing it..praise Him.. Hope u can get to see the Opryland Hotel is worth a visit..if u is unusual!

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