May 23-25, 2014: This is Sparta, TN

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…..This morning we walked from the police station to a church in town called Christ Point. We arose and got ready for church by using the bathrooms at the gas station right next to the police station. The church’s doors were wide open and inviting with a free indulgence of donuts and coffee at the entrance. Church member’s, like always, were intrigued by our backpacks and Trevor’s giant guitar strapped on his back. We of course explained what we were doing and it fascinated them. They were really welcoming and excited that we could join the service. The church message was about giving the devil wiggle room in our lives and how it can slowly lead to our destruction in sin. Pastor Steve was very up beat and passionate with the message that was delivered. At the end of the service the church blessed us by taking us out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. After lunch we were brought to an elderly couples’ house, who were willing to host us for the night, Norman and Vicki. They gave us a room and shower so we could freshen up for spaghetti and meatballs that Norman cooked dinner. This couple has been all over the country. Through out the years Norman and Vicki (mostly Norman) wanted to find the perfect paradise to call home with a family of six. Places they have been to were, Maine, California, Arizona, Missouri, Washington, you name it! At one of their moving spots in Colorado Springs, Norman attempted to climb the highest mountains in the area (or maybe even the state). They were quite the travelers and had many stories to tell, too much for just the day we were there. We had the pleasure to meet one of their daughters, Joy who lives right next to their property. Joy like her other brothers and sisters are very artistic and paint magnificent pictures. Another daughter is a musician and is starting to get well known within the christian music genre. Trevor got to bless Norman and Vicki by playing his guitar that evening. After the music session, we hit the bed.

Norman made a breakfast call in the morning by playing a song with his harmonica. It sure got us up! For breakfast Norman made us waffles, eggs, and bacon. Vicki and Norman drove us to the Hardies in town after we were done packing to start the walk. After having our bible reading for the day we set off towards a Days Inn to make some progress on the blog and other knit knacks. It was super humid and hot on our way there and it was only two miles away from Hardies, yet we were soaked with sweat. It was refreshing getting inside the motel room. For the rest of the day we did nothing but work on what needed to be worked on, except  for sleeping.

The next day’s walking was towards the town of Smithville. During the walk today we got to see the youth pastor of Christ Point church, whom we met Sunday morning. So, we talked with Josh and his family outside of their house that was next to the main route we were walking. His front lawn was like a small farm; there was two goats, a couple of chickens walking around, and a cow in the very back of his house. Josh and his dad are lawn mower mechanics, so there were also a lot of mowers being repaired in his parking lot. After talking with Josh we continued walking a few more miles until we came to a Dollar General. The employees there were very kind and gave us gatorades. They also informed us that there was a gas station right over the hill from where we were, so we walked there. The ladies at the station let us camp out behind the property for the night. We treated ourselves to dinner, then went to bed afterwards…..

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  • Carol says:

    As always, love hearing about you and y our experiences! You continue to amaze us! We tell many about you and your experiences, witnessing. Keep up the good work. Are you on schedule? Our grandson, Spencer, was married this weekend to beautiful Katie. It truly was a marriage made in heaven! A great family time, as well. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Jerry Amos says:

    Hey guys. My name is Jerry and I actually met you at the very beginnng of your adventure in Tinton Falls, NJ at the restaurant called Luigi’s. It had just rained. I had told you that I rode my bike from Florida to Maine and I related to all of the totally amazing people on the way. I am really happy for you and wish you the best. Fun to read your stories on a daily basis.
    Be safe and take good care. God Bless both of you. Jerry Amos

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