May 2, 2015

Hey everybody! Thank you all for the encouraging comments and keeping up with the blog and your prayers! Turns out that we will be staying at home until fall due to the amount of time Trevor’s foot is taking to heal and because of the change in seasons. We felt it would be a good decision to head out to Texas in the fall and continue to California when temperatures cool down. We will keep you guys posted on what is going on. Again thank you for everything, we could not do this trip without you guys support!

God Bless,

Jonathan and Trevor

Jonathan Stoltzfus

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  • Jan Sturm says:

    I think that is very wise – was concerned about you crossing deserts in summer when it is so dreadfully hot. God is doing great things through you two and it’s always a blessing to read your posts. Relax and enjoy your summer, see you in the fall!

  • carol says:

    Good decision. Praying for a complete recovery. Enjoy your family.

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