May 19-20, 2014: Goodbye, Jeffrey

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…..Today was Jeffrey’s last day. He had been feeling a leading from God to leave for a little while and planned on leaving the next day. We all prayed and felt at peace with him leaving. So today we walked a short journey to a little retirement area called Pleasant Hill. There was a diner that we ate at in the evening for supper and the church in the retirement community let us camp on their property. While there, we got to help an elderly man who fell out of his chair in his house and it was a blessing being there. In the morning was the last morning having Jeffrey, so today we did not do too much walking. One of members of the church, Don who took care of the land, took us to breakfast at that very same diner where we ate dinner yesterday. The conversation over breakfast was a very interesting. It was the topic of God and what the bible says about issues in society. Afterwards Don took us back and we were surprisingly interviewed by the local newspaper. Here’s a link: After packing Don took us to the community building to take showers. He was a huge help.  A man that was sitting in the diner overheard us earlier while talking to Don and invited us to stay with him and his wife for the night. His name was Ray and her name was Monica and they owned a place called The Garden. Monica picked us up from our campsite and took us there. The Garden is actually where Ray and Monica live and it is a ministry. They have a stage set up where they have a service every other Saturday, invite people from all different denominations and feed and preach to the mass. The stage was literally in a garden, with a pond beside it, flowers and bushes everywhere, there was a horse, and bathrooms complete with a shower for visitors which he let us use later. Ray and Monica really had a vision for people from all different types of denominations of Christianity to come together in unity and worship God, being filled with love for one another. They sure did show that love to us when we came by! Shortly after arriving Jeffrey got picked up by Sam, the hip youth pastor from the previous town, Crossville, and took him to get a bus ride back home. So, we had a heartfelt goodbye to one of our good friends Jeffrey Norton. We all grew a lot together as a group and it was an honor serving with him for the sake of the gospel. He will be dearly missed for the rest of the trip. I will try and write a post about him and the impact he had on the trip. Keep him in your prayers as well! After the departure, Monica cooked us dinner and gave us a spare room with a queen sized bed for the night….

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  • Carol says:

    I don’t know if you got my last one…Anyway, when one leaves, it is bittersweet. Right now all I can say is, ‘well done, good and faithful servant’! And may God bless the two of you as you continue your walk with Him glorifying Him all the way! Well done, Servants! Carol

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