May 17-18, 2014: A lot of Speaking

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….The front desk lady picked us up and took us back to the Hampton Inn the following morning after we had our fixing of Dunkin Donuts. At the Inn we got to thank the lady and pray with her before our departure to the town of Crossville, TN. On the GPS we found a Calvary Chapel Church in town and it turned out that no one was in the office. But God had something else in mind! While walking to the chapel, a youth pastor of a church called Cumberland Fellowship pulled over and was curious about what we were doing. His name was Sam and he wore colorful, hip clothing, along with a pair of Toms. Sam was a very classy man, like a hipster. He gave us fried chicken and chips for dinner and a stay at the Quality Inn in town. Sam gave us a ride to the inn and also invited us to speak to the youth group the next day for the Sunday service. The next sun rise, Sam treated us to breakfast at Shoney’s buffet with some of his students. Afterwards he took us to church where we had the opportunity to lead worship and speak to the studentsĀ about our trip to encourage them to trust God, but it was more directed towards the students graduating High School about our trip. Later we got invited to eat lunch with some of the youths at a Mexican restaurant in town, chowing down on some spicy delicious meals that the youth students paid for. In the afternoon, we attended the young adults bible study and they also gave us the opportunity to let us speak and answer questions that the crowd was itching to ask. We had a great time with the students the remainder of the night. We spent the night on the couches in the youth building. Two young ladies from the bible study in the morning made us some breakfast before we headed out in the morning. They made us some righteous pancakes. On the road we came across a ministry camp for men and women who have been addicts and have given their lives to Jesus. They participate in a rehab for about 9 months and go through a series of counseling and bible studies to turn their life around. They let us camp on the property for the night, take showers, and served us dinner. We were also invited to speak and lead worship in the morning before the first bible study class. So we did, and it was a great time of encouraging the group in following the Lord with all their hearts and obeying his will for their lives…..

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  • Carol says:

    Loved the update! You all just warm my heart. What joy you are bringing to those you meet as well as encouragement from you and God’s Word. It’s a wow! Remember meeting us at the Hampton Inn in Sugar something or other? Our grandson was going to graduate from Johnson University that night. Well, this coming Saturday he and his fiance’ are getting married in IND and our family will be all together for this celebration. I had my picture taken with you as I was so intrigued with you all. Love reading your updates. May God continue to bless you and keep you in His care as you continue your trek. Are you on schedule???

    • No, we had some set backs and are trying to get the blog updated. We were blessed to take a short 2 week vacation with our families back at home. It was a nice time of rest! But now we just got back on the road, hence the lack in blog posts. And I do remember you!! Thank you for the encouragement and I do remember you talking about your son graduating and getting married! That’s great! God bless you guys as well and your sons marriage!

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