May 15-16, 2014: Cafe Band Night

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……Roger had a queen sized bed in the guest room. Jeffrey and Jonathan slept on the bed while Trevor slept on the ground. The lady at the pizza restaurant picked us up early in the morning to take us back to the restaurant, so that we could start where we left off. At the restaurant Trevor decided to get rid of some items that weighed a good amount on his back, it was taking a toll on his body. Since the post office was really close by we took the advantage of sending them back home. Trevor’s pack got quite a load off! After we said farewell to the kind ladies who went out of their way so we could have a place of rest, off we went. The walk today was cut short because of our need to work on website updates. Thankfully, we met a gentlemen along our way to the local library. He let us stay at his place for the night. Dale was his name and he introduced us to his family once we got settled in. Originally he was letting us camp in his back yard, but he eventually let us in to rest. His wife cooked us dinner and we got to met their four sons who were all about the same age, they were actually quadruplets! On a side note all of them were on the 700 Club! Getting to know this family was kind of fun. Dale has a construction business and is a very hard worker and great provider for his family. They also had the most fattest cat we have ever laid our eyes upon. It was hilarious! The rest of the evening we just talked and enjoyed each others company. Along the way to the next town, Crossville TN the next day, we came across a bar for dinner. It was confusing though because the sign said it was a cafe and it was band night, but the instant we walked in we realized it did not match up with the sign. It was a bar with a stage for the band, pole tables, and a side bar, not a cafe at all but we ate a platter of wings anyways. Trevor and Jonathan were not quite in the age range qualifications so we were asked to leave after we ate. There were local inns at our location, so we made some quick stops at each one to see if we could get a discount. At the Hampton Inn the front desk lady found us a cheap stay at a motel 6 in Crossville and gave us a ride to the inn and a ride back in the morning to start back at the Hampton. So we got a great priced stay at the Motel 6 thanks to the wonderful, kind,  front desk lady and of course, God himself who gets all the glory.

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