May 13-14, 2014: Man Vs. Wildlife Management

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….we woke up to the sound of rushing water. We camped beside the Obed River. It was beautiful and so peaceful. It was actually really hard to get up because of the rushing water sound, it just made you more sleepy. Packing and leaving the camp was hard. Today’s trek was probably the most difficult yet. We ended up traveling through a wildlife management area, where there is nothing for about 20 miles. It is all uphill as well and we ran out of water. The heat was also intense and there was pesky insects biting us every chance they got. We eventually after a long time refilled our water from a creek. Trevor’s water purifier was very helpful. We found camp on the side of the gravel road where we were traveling on, soft grassy ground. We set up our tents and thanked God for providing us strength. Next morning we ran out of food and traveled about a good 16 miles to a retirement community just outside of Crossville, TN. The sun was beating and it was very hilly with some sweat. When we got to the community, we noticed there was a pizza restaurant and were dying to get our hands on something to eat. Arriving at that restaurant was one of the best feelings ever and after drinking Dr. Pepper and a meaty pizza, we just sat there in exhaustion. One of the best meals yet! The waitresses their were very kind and helpful, asking if we needed any help. The lady managing the restaurant managed to find a place for us to rest, it was one of her good ol’ neighbors, Roger. She drove us to Roger’s house which was not to far from the restaurant and said she could drive us back in the morning. For the rest of the evening we talked to Roger, who had a half blooded husky that was big, but old and calm. Roger also was very calm and collective and had a lot of movies. We ended up watching one,  a romantic comedy….

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