May 1-3, 2014: Family Reunion

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Today was exciting because Jonathan’s mom and Trevor’s mom and brother came to spend the weekend with us. They drove about 8 hours to Knoxville, Tennessee. When they arrived they took us to Cracker Barrel for a nice filling breakfast. We sure were excited to see them and they the same. Love our momma’s! We caught up and talked for a long time. After breakfast we made our way back to Susan and Lyle’s house and relaxed there for a while. Our family got to meet Susan and Lyle and we got to eat Phillip, the name of Jonathan’s uncle Wayne’s cow that was freshly butchered. He was great hamburger meat. Susan got along with our mothers because all mothers can relate well with each other for some reason. After talking with the family we decided to go into Knoxville for First Friday in the city. Trevor got to play his guitar along with other musicians who were sprawled across the Market Square. We walked around the city for a while and eventually went back to Susan’s house. There we spent more time with Susan’s family and we watched a movie that night, a chick flick because my mom loves chick flicks. We watch Kate and Leopold. After the movie we went to bed. The next day, Jonathan’s mom, Luli, and Trevor’s mom, Robin, fiercely combed out the dreadful dreadlocks from Jonathan’s curly hair noodles. Later, we went to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports to visit Beth and to find a tent for Jonathan. We did not have luck finding a tent at the right price, but Beth told us there was a hiking store not too far away called River Mountain sports. So we we went there, didn’t find any tent either but looked around the store for a little while. From the store we went to a park and had a picnic in Knoxville city, and after the picnic we went to go see the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man was amazing. After the movie we went back to Lyle’s and Susan’s house for the rest of the night. That night we just relaxed with Susan’s family and enjoyed our time with songs from Trevor’s guitar. Beth came over that night as well and we all had a great time. The next day was goodbye. Our family and Susan’s family prayed for us. It was hard for us and our family to say goodbye yet again, but we will see them again before we know it. We also said farewell to Susan, Beth, and Lyle, and they really were a huge blessing. We hope to see them again soon. Gordon, Trevor’s brother, and the mothers drove us out for lunch at The Cook Out, and dropped us off to get a day of walking in….

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  • carol says:

    Wow. I cannot imagine leaving my son to walk across the country.. however I am so thankful f o r safety , good health , New friends and sharing others with the word in unknown places. This is a Wow. I know God is loving it a.d you, too. Love your updates.

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