March 9-10, 2016

….Steve, the father of the Orton family, brought us back to where Mike picked us up yesterday and we walked into a town called Edgewood, New Mexico. Steve offered for us to stay another night at his house, so after praying we decided to accept offer. We waited at a Starbucks in town before he came to pick us up. We then went to dinner and then to the Calvary Chapel church for a Wednesday evening bible study on the book of Exodus. We sat with Ted up in the booth since he was running sound and the teaching slides. It was a really good teaching on each of the Ten Commandments. After the service we went back to the Orton’s house and spent time with Steve, his wife Alex, and their children Josh and Hannah….

…The next day Steve dropped us off and we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. We ministered to a man there, who was very open to us, and seemed like a Christian but later he mention that he was Jesus and we of course strongly disagreed and told him he was not. He got pretty angry with us and told us to leave his spot he was sitting at. So we did, but got to tell him that Jesus still loves him and blessed him, for we should bless and not curse our enemies. We were glad God reminded us of that verse. So we went to a table to read our bibles and during that time we got to talk to a Mormon lady who was excited about what we were doing. We got in a small debate with her on the bible and how it is the only truth and that it does not change no matter what and got to share with her God’s love. We ended on a good note though and she said that she hopes to come to an understanding on where we are coming from. We thank God for giving us the boldness to be able to minister this past time. After all that we started walking and made it to a gas station in a small town called Sadillo. We couldn’t find a camp spot so we ended up calling Mike but actually called the church cell phone instead which Steve had. Steve was having a home group that the church has every Thursday night in his house. Turned out that nobody could make it so he picked us up and we had home group with him. We ended up spending the night there and took a super tired family selfie…

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  • Steve Orton says:

    BLESSED to have you guys stay with us, we miss you, thinking about you nearly every day wondering where God has you and how things are on the reservation?

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