March 9, 2014

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Today we were invited to Brian’s church called New Horizon. On our way there he took us to a cafe to get some coffee and then we went to church. It was a superb church. The worship was awesome and the teaching was great. We got to meet a lot of brothers and sisters in Christ there. After the service Brian dropped us off at a restaurant called Sharkies, where we had all the salad and soups we wanted at the salad bar. After eating we went to a cafe called Brewin Around to spend time with God. During our time there an employee invited us to crash at her place. So, after she was done closing the shop she took us to her house. She had a lot of rocks because she is studying geography and she showed us some of them. She made us dinner and Trevor got to play his songs to her and her friends. She was very sweet and kind, and it was awesome hanging out with her? She also made us probably one of the best cup of tea ever! We were blessed to have had a place to stay and reach out to these people.


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