March 7-8, 2016

….Ted and Tracy had a day off from work so they took us out to see some cool New Mexico scenery and a old town a few miles from where they lived. It was an amazing view to see. There were mountains everywhere in the distance and the town we visited used to be owned by Spaniards back in the day and the houses their were made out of a sort of clay material. It had a Spanish kind of feel. After that trip we went back to the house. Ted and Tracy gave us a small camping stove and a selfie stick to take on the road as a gift. They are so awesome! Later we went to a bible study at the church. Before leaving we prayed for Ted’s back because he would get some really bad back pain every now and then. He has been dealing with it for a long time. We prayed for him about three times and Jesus healed him completely! We got to spend some good time with the church when we arrived and got to talk with pastor Mike quite a bit afterwards. It’s always fun when you get to hang out with your family in Christ!

…The following day, Ted dropped us back off on the road. We said goodbye to Tracy at her job since she left early in the morning to go manage shifts at Lotaburger before we woke up. From Lotaburger we walked a few miles outside of town. We had arranged to get picked up by pastor Mike because he was going to take us to REI Albuquerque for some hiking gear and run some errands himself. At REI we had quite the fun time trying various shoes, hats, Safari gear, we were stuck. If you enjoy hiking you would understand why we were there for most of the day! Trevor got some much needed new shoes to replace is very worn down ones and Jonathan got a hiking sombrero for shade when walking in the sun. After REI Mike had to do some errands, so we joined him. We had quite the fun adventure going to all kinds of different shops. We also got shampoo for Trevor’s dreads and conditioner for my knotty hair before leaving the city. Mike took us to one of his church family’s house, the Ortons, for the night and they were so loving hospitable to us. Again this church is like a family to us. It is a huge blessing from the Lord!

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