March 4-6, 2016

…Daniel and Angelina brewed some coffee and cooked us up some homemade burritos in the morning for breakfast. We got to take showers and do our laundry. Daniel had to take take his son to the zoo for their school field trip, so we hung out, drank coffee and talked with Angelina until she left to go to work. After we left the house we went to eat lunch and then headed out of town. We found a spot off the side of the road to camp. The following morning we got up and walked to the town Moriarty, New Mexico. It was a long walk and when we got to the town we were pretty hungry, so we went to a restaurant called Berco’s where they served bbq and seafood. There we met Ted, his wife Tracy, and their daughter Mary. They lived in town and it turned out that it was their first time eating there as well and we happened to be there at the same time! God is so rad! They were also strong followers of Jesus and went to a Calvary Chapel church right outside Estancia. Shortly after meeting them they offered for us to stay at their house and come with them to church tomorrow. After seeking the Lord we decided to go with them after we all ate some delicious food. The employees at the restaurant were awesome and we got to get a picture and pray with them before leaving. We got to Ted and Tracy’s house and met their three pretty cool dogs. After settling in, we watched a movie with their family. We slept in their living room for the night. The next day Ted took us early in the morning to church and we got to meet a lot of his church family who were super welcoming to us. We met the pastor, Mike, whom we thought was a guy about our age. We later found out when he started preaching that he was the pastor and not a guy our age. Since it was a Calvary Chapel, where they teach verse by verse, they were in the first chapter of First Corinthians and it was a very good teaching since it was straight out of the bible. Afterwards Ted took us back to the house and Tracy cooked us spaghetti for lunch. Later that night we went to their prayer gathering back at the church with Ted back at the church and then decided to spend another night at Ted and Tracy’s house. It was a much needed fellowship with our long lost family. One thing we learned for sure from the bible is that it is not good for man to be alone. We would not be able to do this trip if Trevor or I were the only one’s walking! ¬†Fellowship is necessary to grow in knowing and growing in the Lord!

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  • Jenese Garland says:

    Wow! You boys look great! Trevor, you’ve got some locks going on, probably Jonathan too. NM, you have made it so far! Blessings upon blessings for you, keep up the good treckin! Jenese and Wayne in DC!

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