March 5, 2014

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Today was our workday to get some blog’s posted, pictures displayed, and fundraisers ready. In the morning we walked to a backpack store and bought some little gear such as a plastic mug for Jeffery to use when eating on the road. We then went to go eat lunch at a southern burger place called The Cook Out. They have really cheap burgers and shakes that are delicious. Then we walked into downtown and went to a Starbucks where a guy paid for our cafe drinks. Since there was wifi, we worked there until dark and then went to the inn we visited the previous night. They gave us a half off the original price for a room and it was a really nice inn. Kara, the front desk lady we talked to the night before left a note for the manager, so she let us stay there for half off. The rooms cost about $170, so it came to about $95 When we got in the room we prayed and praised God for the place. We worked on a couple more things in the room and then went to bed.


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