March 31 - April 1, 2016

…Mike and Liana dropped us back off on the reservation in the late afternoon on Thursday. We walked a short distance and camped next to one of the main dirt roads. We met some awesome guys that we got to talk to on the reservation who were believers while we were looking for a campsite. They came back to the campsite and dropped off some food for us. Later some other local natives came to check up on us. We got an opportunity to talk to them a little bit about what we were doing and about Christ. They believed a lot of what their culture has taught them which is worshiping different things in nature like the sun or the ground. They do believer in a higher being above all though and we got to share who that higher being was, Jesus! Got to plant a little seed! Shortly afterwards they left and we went to bed…

…The next day our walking route took us up a Mesa which is means Spanish for table, but they are pretty much plateaus. They call them Mesas because they are flat up on top. The road up the Mesa was very rocky and steep to climb up, plus we had jogging strollers to push up! It was quite the tough challenge. Some parts it took both of us to push one jogging stroller up the plateau! We took a much needed break when we got on top but we did not mind because of the beautiful view. One of the best views on the trip! You could see for miles upon miles of desert and beautiful red rock canyons here and there below us. After the quick pit stop break we continued walking on top of the plateau which was a lot more smooth and less mountainous. We found a camp spot and laid out our tents for the night. Although it was a rough day physically God really gave us joy to preserver up a wild plateau. He always gives us a choice and being joyful is a choice to live by because he has already freely given it to us as a gift through his Holy Spirit. So, why not receive it if it’s free? It’s not a gift you don’t want to not receive because it’s awesome!

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