March 31, 2014

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We left the Holiday Inn this morning, and headed into downtown Abingdon VA. We found a coffee shop that looked original and decided to hang out for a while. They brew their own coffee beans, which is pretty cool. We got to meet a gentlemen who had different views on the bible and what was truth. So we got to share what we believe about bible and truth. It was a very intriguing discussion and it was thought provoking. I believe we said what we felt God leading us to say and our knowledge of what we already know about truth. Also we got to meet another guy, about our age, who had questions about our beliefs. It was great being able to talk to these people, and it was also a challenge for us to be ready to testify on what we have seen and experienced in our individual relationships with God. After talking we left and continued our way through downtown. It was a antique town with a lot of history behind it. Along our way, one of the members of Pilgrim Baptist Church, Bill and his son Joseph, offered to pay for our dinner at a diner down the road. It was delicious and we thank Bill for his generosity. We made our way down the road and eventually came to a Comfort Inn outside of Abingdon. We felt lead to go there even though it was kind of expensive, but God made it clear that money does not matter and that we will be provided for. God is our master, not money. Plus we were blessed with a lot of money to be able to afford a room for the night. God is good!

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