March 30, 2014

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Today, in the morning, Jon picked us up to go to his church for breakfast. This is something they do once every few months and we happened to be there that time of year. So when we arrived we ate and got to meet the pastor of the church. He was excited to get to meet us and for us attending his service. The breakfast was awesome and they kept trying to get us to eat more and take left overs. They were very serving. After breakfast we went to attend the service. The teaching was very good and sound. When the service was over we talked to a few people and thanked Jon for all that he helped us with. We then walked a bit to a McDonald’s where we met a man who needed money to get to Nashville Tennessee. He served in Vietnam back in the day. We got to minister to him and encourage him, he needed it and God moved. We then went inside McDonald’s and relaxed there for most of the day. We got to Skype Jonathan’s family while we were there and it was great getting to talk and see their faces again. We look a lot different apparently to their eyes. From there we walked to the nearest inn. When we got to the Holiday Inn we were not expecting to be blessed. There a room was very expensive and we were on a budget. Thankfully, a lady who was leaving gave us her room key. She bought a room there just to take a two hour nap from traveling and did not need it any more, so she gave it to us. Got a room for free and it was super nice! I just don’t understand why God just keeps doing this! He is so much more than you will expect.


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