March 4, 2014

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Joe in the morning gave us breakfast and took us back to where he picked us up yesterday. He was a blessing to us and gave us shelter from one of the coldest days of the season. We had a great time with him and his family. Today we walked about 18 miles to Blacksburg! It was crazy tough for all of us. Our legs felt like dead jelly when we got into town. There was a coffee shop right in town when arriving, so we got to relax, stretch our legs out and enjoy some coffee. We got to talk to a few people that were interested in what we were doing. One of the people we meet who’s name was Coleman, told us that we should eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant right across the street. It was cheap and the food is very good. We walked to the restaurant and while waiting to be seated a couple of college students from Virginia Tech invited us to sit with them. God blessed us with having a great time with them. They were all so cool and very down to earth. Their names were Taylor, Kayla, Adam, Baria, and Gillian. After a good time at the restaurant we went to an inn downtown. The inn was too expensive so we couldn’t stay, but the two people at the front desk told us of a cheaper motel that was down the road and they called the owners or us. Their names were Kara and Mark and we talked with them for a while. They were also some super cool people in Blacksburg. After talking with Mark and Kara we walked to the motel. At the next motel the owner at the front desk gave us a discount for a room. Praise God that he gave us the strength to walk and a place for the night. Even if we did not get a place for the night we are still blessed!


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