March 26-30, 2016

…After getting picked up by Mike, the following day we got to help his church make preparations for their Easter service at the Moriarty high school. A group of us went around the town passing and handing out flyers from door to door. The church also let us have the privilege of being in the new believers group where if people accepted Christ as their savior during the service they would come to us for questions about their commitment, for prayer, and guidance. On Sunday God really spoke powerfully and pretty much all the audience went up to receive Jesus as their savior! It was so cool to see all the hard work and prayer that the church so sincerely pursued come into fruition. After the service we went back to Mike and his wife Liana’s house for Easter. We watched Napoleon Dynamite, jammed out to some worship music, and just had a blast hanging out with the family. We stayed their for a few more days after Sunday due to some inclement weather and what we felt the Lord leading us each day. They were so encouraging, hospitable, and fun, basically our second family….

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