From Marion we walked to Chilhowie, VA today. Mariam, a lady we met the previous day, wanted to have us for lunch and spend the night once we got to the town. Along the way a lady stopped by the side of the road and knew about A Church Of Us. It was pretty funny because at first she stopped at the side of the road thinking we were hikers on the Appalachian Trail and asked if we needed a ride. We told her that we didn’t and she drove away. She then came back later realizing who we were. Her name was Kara, and she found out about us by randomly coming across our page on Facebook. She is a youth leader at Chilhowie Christian Church and offered us to stay at the church for a night. We told her we would let her know. Once we got to Chilhowie, Mariam and her husband Randy, picked us up at a Food City grocery store and took us to their house for lunch. Mariam feed us real good and we got to hang out with the rest of her family. Later, we went with her son Nathan to their church’s youth group and got to meet their youth. The leaders there prayed for us and they very awesome and honorable men of God. When we got back to Mariam’s house the guy who drove the youth van, Albert, prayed for us and the journey ahead. He was very encouraging and a bold brother of Christ. Mariam had dinner ready when we came inside. It was homemade and delicious. After some good fellowship with Nathan and Mariam we went to bed.923559_246731328847028_636853340_n


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