Today we woke up at the church which is called Abundant Life, and had some breakfast that Mariam bought us. Pastor Dave came and took us to the McDonald’s where we got picked up before. At McDonald’s we read our bibles and spent time with God. An hour later we left and it was snowing pretty hard so we found a nearby inn in Marion that was cheap and we felt lead to go to. As we were heading to our room the guy in the room next door wanted to talk to us once we got our backpacks in the room. So we got to talk to him for a while. His name was Danny and he has been hitch hiking across the states for about 12 years. He had many stories to tell us and we really encouraged him. It was pretty funny because he kept asking us if we would like a beer but we kept denying his offer. But he was really touched by us and he prayed for us and we for him. He was a very genuine man. It was awesome how God lead us to talk about him to this man who was hurting. He had quite the story. After talking we went back to our room and worked on the blog, pictures, and website donations and then went to sleep.1959432_246562035530624_718041962_n


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