March 24-25, 2016

…We left the Casino Hotel and made our first steps into a Navajo reservation since the old Route 66 road came to a stop at a section and became the interstate. Our only way back to 66 was to go through some roads through the Navajo nation. It was a pretty smooth trek until we got deeper into the reservation. Before we knew it we were on dirt roads, where some parts were sleek, but other parts were rough. There are also free range horses and cows wandering about which was a pretty neat thing to see. We were in a area called Tahajili. A lot of people stopped by to make sure we were not lost from the freeway and we reassured them that we not. When we woke up and packed up our tents the ¬†following morning a car pulled up and turned out it was the govenor of the area. Reservations are basically their own country, they have their own laws and governments, so this guy was a little bit suspicious of us walking and popping up tents on their land. We explained ourselves to him and he gave us permission to pass through as long as we had no firearms and did not liter. Both we did not have a problem with. So we continued walking and we were excited because Pastor Mike from Calvary Chapel Estancia Valley whom we met in Moriarty, New Mexico was picking us up to stay with them Easter weekend. He found us stranded by the one of the many dirt roads on the reservation and took us back to his house for some Easter celebrations!

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  • Tom Gray says:

    Hi,this is Tom Gray.I met you guys on Rt 66 about 2 miles from the Az. state line. I had my dog Zuse with me.We even came back to offer you a ride to the truck stop,or even to come to our home for the night. Any way,I just wanted to say it was nice to meet you both and may God keep you safe on your trip.Only wish I were 40 years younger so I could join you on your trip.I know you are having the time of your lives.God bless and we,ll keep you in our prayers and ask you do the same for us. Any time you get close to Sanders,Az. please look us up.

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