We left Freedom Tabernacle church in the morning and walked to about 3 miles to the gas station where we were picked up, by Randy the day before, to read the Bible. We also ate some subs at Subway. A lady stopped by the gas station came and talked to us while we were eating. Her name was Mariam and she wished her son was there to meet us because he would be so inspired. After she left we read a little longer and headed off toward Marion, VA. It was cool because we got to see Mariam again because she pulled over on the side of the road while we were walking. Her older son was there with her and we got to talk to him. It is awesome how God works things out with us seeing her and meeting her son. After talking for a while they asked if we would be willing if, it was alright with their pastor, if we could stay the night in their church building. We said of course! They told us that they would pick us up if the pastor let us stay. So, we walked to McDonald’s down the road and waited there until they picked us up. When Mariam and her mother picked us up, she bought us dinner and we ate at the church. We met their pastor, Dave, and really enjoyed talking and sharing our testimonies to him. Nathan, Mariam’s son, slept over at the church with us, so throughout most of the night he talked with us and asked questions. God greatly encouraged him through us. After talking we went to set up our sleeping bags and went to bed.1621916_246553448864816_1561968973_n


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