We left the Inn around 7:45 to get down to the gas station at 8 to get picked up for church. Randy came to meet us and took us church. We went to a church fellowship called, Freedom Tabernacle Baptist in Atkins, Virginia. We went to the early service and the pastor was super excited about A Church Of Us. It was a really good sermon. The pastor just kept encouraging us the whole sermon message. It was also very passionate southern message which we thoroughly enjoyed and were very encouraged. The pastor after the service let us stay the night at the church in a room that had a bed, cot, and a bathroom! After the service lunch was provided for at Subway and one of the members of the church, Eddy, took us there. They then took us back to the second service which was a lot more full of people than the first service. We met a lot more people that service. When the service was over a women named Debra brought us to the room where we were staying. She was very helpful and made sure the room was comfortable. So we relaxed in the room for a while and later they fed us dinner. After dinner we helped them serve their youth program where they feed the community’s teens and children. There was over a 100 youth and children all together. For the service they invited us to sing a worship song and Trevor played one of his songs. They also had us speak to the youth. After the service was over and we said goodbye to everyone, we left to go to the room. We then talked for a while before going to bed for the night. God has truly blessed us with an amazing stay with some amazing people of God who we are so thankful for.969978_246547855532042_83932282_n


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