March 22-23, 2016

…We left Albuquerque walking on Route 66 to our next destination, Flag Staff, Arizona. The day we left was super windy and it was a struggle walking against the wind. There was tumbleweed flying all over the place! Thankfully we had goggles and cloth to put around our mouths so that we could see and breath. Sometimes the dust would still get in your goggles and cloth though. It was intense. We made it up to the top of a hill exiting the city in the evening, where there was a gas station for shelter. After eating there we continued walking to an RV park that was closed and another one that was also closed. So we camped out and thankfully the wind eventually got calm…

…The next morning was also a bit windy and it was a challenge not to let our tents blow away. But we managed to pack them up by God’s grace! We continued on 66 which parallels interstate 40. At one point we came into a free range area where there was cattle just roaming around without a fence. We realized that we were coming on a Navajo Native American reservation which allows free range animals. Towards the end of the day’s walk we came across a gas station and a random casino that was further down the road. At the gas station they had Laguna Burgers which was something people told us we had to try, and they were totally right! A lot of the people at the gas station were super friendly and very curious about what were doing. A guy named Daniel, who is a Brother in Christ, overheard our conversations and bought us a room at the casino’s hotel down the road. We walked to the place and got to pray for him there. You could tell that he was such a humble and tender hearted man. A lot of this trip couldn’t be possible with out the help and support of others. It has been such an encouragement and privilege to meet these people. Thank you guys! You guys have helped us to continue this journey when times get rough more than you even know!

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  • Carol says:

    Keep on keeping on. This is amazing. Soon you will be at the grand canyon. May God continue to keep you safe. Blessings to you.

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