We woke up early in the morning to say goodbye to Cody, Gordon, and Cameron because they had a 6 hour ride back to Pennsylvania. They prayed for us and then they went off. We decided to go back to bed and sleep for a little while longer. We left the cabin around 10 am because we had to leave according to the park rules. Jimmy, the prison minister who we stayed with the other day, picked us up from the park and he dropped us off at the place we stopped walking the other day. From there we walked to Rural Retreat and ate at a random Mennonite store. It was very strange seeing a Mennonite store in Virginia, I thought they only existed in Lancaster Pennsylvania where the Amish and Mennonite thrive. It was nice though because it reminded me of home. After eating lunch we left and walked about 5 more miles to a cheap inn called the Relax inn. We got there around our sleep time so we went to bed shortly after arriving.1014066_245789695607858_653353911_n


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