March 2-3, 2016

…When we arrived in Willard we were expecting there to be a Mexican restaurant get some food in our stomach, at least that’s what we thought. Turns out it was closed, but a guy named David saw us down the road from his general store and invited us to come into his shop for some food. He had seen us for a few days walking along the highway while he was on a construction job and we ended up coming into the town he lived. His shop usually was not open on Wednesday, but he let us come in anyway since we looked pretty bummed about the restaurant. Other than the closed restaurant his store was the only place that had food. He let us camp out beside his shop that night. The next day we ate breakfast there and after using the bathroom at the village hall we headed from Willard to the next town Estancia, New Mexico. We got off highway 60 and ended up taking a road up to the old highway 66. Just when we were arriving into the town of Estancia, a lady named, Angelina, who we saw working at the village hall in Willard pulled over and asked if we would like to stay at her family’s house for the night which was on the Main Street of the town. When we were just about a block away from their house ¬†we heard a whistle followed by a shouting of our names. We looked over and saw Angelina’s husband, Daniel waving us down at the front of their house. After praying about it we felt the Lord leading us to stay for the night. We got to spend time with Daniel and their awesome kids who were super energetic. We had some good conversations with Daniel and got to share some stories on how we started and what the Lord has done. He was really good at art and he gave us some awesome stickers he designed himself. His kids throughout the night were showing us pictures they’ve drawn and their toys. Angelina came home from work later that evening and we got to spend time with both of them. They were super rad awesome! We stayed up pretty late before heading to bed.

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