March 19, 2014

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Today in the morning, Jimmy and Levi took us out for breakfast at a local restaurant. They almost stuffed us to death with some delicious food which Jimmy paid for. Today Jimmy showed us around the area and we did not walk because our assistant pastor, Cody was going to pick us up and take us to a cabin for two days for a interview video for our church. So, Jimmy took us around and took us to the top of a mountain where you could see 4 states; Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia. He also showed us a mile long tunnel that you could drive going through a mountain. Lastly he toke us to the town where he grew up. After the tour he took us to the park where Cody picked us up. The park was called Hungry Mother State Park. When he dropped us off, he prayed for us and we prayed for him. He left and we got to explore the park for little while until Cody came to pick us up. Cody took us to the cabin and actually Trevor’s older brother Gordon and Cody’s son, and a good friend Cameron came along to visit as well. They fed us dinner and we all got to catch up with each other. It was a great time and a blessing being able to see our good friends from home.1554469_245181595668668_90076826_n


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