March 18, 2014

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Today we walked passed Wytheville Virginia and went on our way to Rural Retreat Virginia to James’s parent’s house. James hooked us up with staying at his parent’s home and they were excited to meet us. We were about 3 miles out of Rural Retreat when James’s younger brother, Levi picked us up and drove us to their house. When we got there we met James’s mom, Susan, and got to talk to her and Levi. James, his wife Kara, and their two daughters came a little while later with a ton of pizza. So we had dinner with the family and had a great time getting to know them. Later that night James’s father, Jimmy came home from his mission work. He does prison ministry and Christ has brought many people to him through using him. He had story after story of how God had been with him and provided for him and his family. He was an amazing man of God and has touched so many people. It was getting pretty late so we had to quit talking and start to go to bed. It was awesome spending time with such an awesome family. We could not thank James enough for blessing us so much!


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  • Susan Nichols says:

    Hey Trevor, Jonathan, Jeffery, We thank the Lord for allowing you to spend some time with us. It was great meeting you guys. How are you doing? Praying you are staying warm with the weather we are having today! We will be checking your blog so we can stay informed about your travels. God continue to bless you and make your trip fruitful. Love to you all in Christ, ~ Jimmy, Susan and Levi

    • Hey Susan! We are doing great! The weather has been amazing lately. We are in Abingdon right now and we thank you guys so much for giving us a warm place to stay. We appreciate your prayers, God has been providing for us abundantly recently. There are a lot of good folk down here taking care of us and keeping us safe. God bless!

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