March 12, 2014

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Today was also a warm day. In the morning we woke up, it was not quite as warm as we thought it would be, at least for Jeffery and I. But Trevor slept great which is good. The people in the animal hospital let us fill our camel baks and use the bathroom inside. After packing up our gear we went inside to read our bibles. They gave us coffee as we read and we enjoyed our time with Jesus. When we left, they took a picture of us and gave us lunch money. We really appreciate all that they did for us. They were a blessing from God. A little while on the walk we spotted a restaurant that we felt lead to go to, and it was fairly cheap! When we ate though I felt a little sick and ended up throwing up in the bathroom. So, we ended up only going about 3 miles to a Quality Inn because of me being sick. It made me feel better though, which is good. On our way there it was super windy and at one point it started to down pour like crazy. It was really fun actually, fighting with the wind and rain was a challenge we were willing to accept. We got to the inn and they gave us a discount. When we got in the room we worked on some things like catching up on the blog posts and finishing the kick starter. We also got to wash our clothes. After all that work we ordered pizza and had a feast. We then went to bed. Thank God that we got a discount and I felt better by the end of the night!


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