March 11-21, 2016

….We spent a long while in Albuquerque making some friends, catching up on the blog and other things. We met James who was working at Starbucks and took us in for a night and to church. He had a bunch of friends come over and we had so many laughs it was not even funny. We ran into a couple people that we ministered to. One of the guys was pretty drunk but we got to encourage him and pray for him. If he was drinking a lot he mostly going through a really tough time. We got hooked up with another Calvary Chapel called South West Calvary Chapel and they gave us a place at a vacant house they were touching up for their women’s drug and addiction ministry. We got to go to their men’s house for dinner and a bible study and have some great fellowship. Other than that we stayed at a couple motels and one night slept at a 24 hour IHOP restaurant. We hit a rough spot during our time in the city that brought some discouragement, and realized that we needed to relook at how we were doing things mostly with our relationship with each other and most of all God. We needed a identity check with Jesus and we realized that we were not seeing ourselves through the eyes of our loving Father God. He reminded us that we have everything within him and we can be confident only in his unquenchable love for us and not in the fame of this world or anything that supposedly gives us “satisfaction.” How much more is having the Holy Spirit, the Existing One, the Provider, the All Sufficient God of everything that was, that is, and is to come? God gave us His Spirit, HIS SPIRIT! Holy dang! JESUS LIVES IN US! How insane is that!! So we have everything we could ever have and in full abundance inside us through his grace and mercy that he has shown towards us! That is all we will ever need, just to know that he is so close to us and we can have an intimate relationship with the creator. What an awesome God we serve! So God definitely humbled us and continues to do so as we continue on the road heading out of Albuquerque….

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  • Carol says:

    You guys are incredible and I think one day there will e a
    Movie of your trek across the country. Love reading your about your stories. Perhaps Hollywood will hear about you and the gospel will go world wide. Praying for continued safety and good days ahead. God bless you. Carol Larson

  • nadine slayton says:

    Hello guys I have been following you for quite a while. You have to realize that God sometimes test us just to see how much faith we do have in him. That is why we have to put all of our faith and trust in him because he has shown us so many times that he will always bring us through. Just when we think we are at our lowest point he picks us up and carry us you see I can say this because I know this. I have experience this and I am still experience it and I always will. See I know Gods grace and he is our savior he will not leave us alone and sometimes we give up on him but we should not because he is not going to let us down. There are times that he has to do whatever to get our attention and sometimes that means outing us on our back. You guys keep going and passing his words and may God keep and bless you. I pray that he always keep his holy hands on you. God Bless.

  • David says:

    If u plant only 1 seed on this journey that leads to salvation it’s worth every step

  • Nikki Freeland says:

    Guys, as I am reminded so often from God! Keep going through those rough spots because he is with you and will keep you standing and walking though what ever it is! It will make you stronger in your faith and then you can tell others. That is Gods work! Keep on Keeping On! I have faith in you and God! Love and Blessings, Nikki

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