March 10, 2016

…Today we walked through a beautiful mountain range into Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was absolutely gorgeous! You can see some pics down below. When we got into town we met two homeless guys trying to find a place to shower and sleep for the night. They both were traveling for many years from different parts of the country. One guy had a dog and the other guy had a cat who was just chilling between his backpack and shoulders. We were able to share Christ with them and encourage them. One of them was a believer and the other guy believed in God, but not Jesus. We got to bless them by getting them a room at a Motel 6 and it was cool because the one guy who wasn’t a believer prayed to God to provide a place where he could shower and do his laundry and sure enough God used us to show him that he is real and he loves him! (Wish I got a picture of these guys! They were super awesome!) We then got a nights stay at motel at another motel that we felt lead to go to and met a guy from Australia named, Dennis who was traveling the country on his motorcycle. ¬†We shared the gospel with him and he was very firm about his beliefs in that there is no God. He has bad experiences with christians he has met throughout his life. He was very interested in what we had to say though and he could see that we were different. Praise God! We talked with him for a long time before we headed to bed. He did not change his mind about God, but we were able to plant seeds by showing him the love of Jesus…

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