March 2, 2014

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We went in the morning to Calvary Chapel in Roanoke with Danny and his family. The pastor and a few other church members just came back from a trip to Israel and they shared about what they saw and learned during the church service. During our time at the church we got to meet a lot of fellow believers who supported us and our cause. After church we went with Danny and his family and ate chicken and waffles. All of us never have had chicken and waffles before and it was quite delicious, a southern delicacy. Danny took us back to his house and we packed our stuff. We left and went to a church that was fairly close to where Danny picked us up. When we got to the church we said goodbye to Danny and his family. They were a true blessing and we learned a lot from staying with them. We tried calling the church pastor where we were dropped off at, but it did not work out. The pastor told us though that there was a hostel not too far down the road. So, we called Joe, the hostel owner and he came and picked us up. At the hostel he let us use the wood stove to keep warm and it was free staying. There was also food we could eat, it was really nice. We got the fire going nice and hot, Trevor played his guitar, and we relaxed since it was Sunday. God blessed us with cots that were in the hostel which were cozy and we dosed off nice and warm.


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