June 29-30, 2016

…Cheryl wanted to give us extra money to pay for another night at the Motel 6. So we took the day to do our laundry and work on the website page, and blog. Check out on the website the map tab that we updated. You can see that we have pretty close to the exact route we have taken across the country over the past couple of years! The next day we were planning to walk 7 miles into Holbrook, Arizona from the Hopi Travel Center. Cheryl wanted to come see us, bring us food and take us back to the Travel Center to start walking. We asked her to take us to a cheap Inn in town which we made sure that we paid for it since she provided us two nights at the Motel 6. We got a room so that we could keep our jogging strollers there instead of taking it with us off road on the interstate because it was extremely difficult to push them through the shrubs spiky plants, and sand. The plan was to walk into town with just our small backpacks and then take the road next to the railroad tracks that was right beside the inn tomorrow morning to continue on. Trevor felt sick though when we began walking and had to go to the bathroom multiple times in a tunnel under the interstate. So we walked back to the travel center and called a local taxi service to take us back to the inn. Turned out that Trevor had food poisoning from last night’s dinner! God used it for the good though because we got to meet Earl the taxi driver who was confused over if the bible has been translated correctly over the years. We got to answer his questions about it and pray for him which he appreciated a lot. It was totally worth the food poisoning! We got Trevor some medicine at a pharmacy that was conveniently across the street from the inn. We also got him drinks to stay hydrated and keep the food poisoning at bay…

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