June 29-30, 2014: Hospitable Smithville

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The Edge church was a great experience for us this Sunday morning, God opened the opportunity for us to speak for the main service. Sam the head pastor invited us to speak for the sermon. So, we got to speak about our journey with God and the many things that he has done for us so far and the many things we have learned along the way. This church was a huge blessing to us and they gave us a donation. One of the ladies we met whose name was not your usual name, Shala Love (it is actually her nickname) had us over for lunch before we started walking. She cooked us some tasty ribs and some good old fashioned green beans. We also got to meet Love’s husband who was very hospitable to us. After lunch Shala Love brought us back to Taco Bell where we prayed for her because, she had a random allergic rash over her whole body, which was going away after we prayed about three times. Praise God!  After prayer Shala left and we began to walk, but we only got to the Dairy Queen down the road when Robin, another lady we met at the church, and her husband brought us back to their house to spend the night. There they fed us dinner and we got to watch the movie Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which was pretty good I think, I kind of fell asleep…but Trevor said it was good so I’ll take his word. After the movie we went to bed shortly after talking with Robin and her husband.

The next morning, Robin cooked gave us cinnamon bagels with scrabbled eggs and took us back to Dairy Queen. It was a blessing being able to stay with Robin and her husband, and not only her but all the people of The Edge church. They took care of us  very well. At Dairy Queen we read our bibles and spent a good quality time just talking to each other. We left a little later than usual and came across a girl who gave us snow cones which really helped cool us off. We didn’t get to walk that far because of the intense heat so we tried a motel we came across, but they were booked. Our next stop was at a ministry not that further down the road called, His Hands and Feet. Next to the ministry building there was a diner where a lady invited us in to eat free of charge. We managed to get in contact with the lady who oversaw the ministry. Her name was Lauren. Lauren and her son Nathan showed us around the building. They had couches and blankets for us to sleep on. This ministry’s heart is to give clothes and other things to people who are in need. Lauren let us have the privilege of signing a wall where they had hand prints of the people who have helped out in the ministry. So, we got to put our hand prints on the wall! After they left we went to bed pretty early, around 7 to get up at 3 so that we could get started walking in the cool of the day…

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