June 28, 2016: Whacky Route

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…Woke up early again today to start and changed our route from the railroads to some dirt roads leading to the interstate. Felt like the Lord put on our heart to stop at one point to pray for an area that had a lot of trailer houses. Who knows what God will do for that area and the surrounding areas. God does amazing things through the most simple prayers. The plan was to walk to Holbrook, Arizona but as usual those plans change. We realized when we got to the interstate that there were no back roads we could take to the town. So we kind of risked it and walked off the shoulder of the interstate on the patchy shrubby area a few feet away. It was the most we could do to keep it legal. The cops stopped us but they were fine with us walking a good distance away from the road. It was tough going through the rugged terrain off the interstate but with the Lord’s help we did it. We then walked to the Hopi travel station where we ate and sat very exhausted but were grateful for Burger King. It turned out that we met a guy there who needed to know how much Jesus loved him and some prayer for his health at the travel center. Towards the late afternoon we called a Motel 6 since it was getting dark and it seemed like it would be too hard to get to town if we took the interstate road at night. At the motel we wanted to look at the map and see if we could find a different route besides the interstate on the gps. Daniel from the motel came to pick us up. We managed to squeeze in his small truck and get a room for the night…  (I apologize, my iPod was dead today so I didn’t get to take any pictures)

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