June 27-28, 2014: Living on The Edge

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God has really blessed on our first couple of days back on the trip. We started just outside of Smithville, TN at the Inn that Jonathan’s parents payed for the last night when they dropped us off from a 3 week vacation. That first morning felt odd because we were not with our families anymore and we missed them, but the Lord comforted us throughout the morning. One of the housekeeping cleaners meet us and called the newspaper station. So, a man came, snapped a photo, and wrote about our journey for the news. From there we walked only a little ways into town to work on the blog since we did not get around to it on vacation. We had a a lot to do. There was a McDonald’s right in town where we got connected to the wifi and started catching up on writing. We stayed there till evening and then started to look for shelter for the night. After trying the closest gas station, we continued until we came across a Taco Bell whom willingly let us camp out on the property with no questions asked. I think it was a Christian Taco Bell because the people there were super nice and comfortable with us camping out on the property, and there was also some Christian hits playing over the speakers in the restaurant. We found an area to camp and it was a tight fit but it we managed to get both our tents on it. After setting up we went inside to read our bibles and used the bathrooms to prep up (brushing our teeth) before heading to bed, and talked to some employees.

The next morning we were woken by a cop whom we had to explain what we were doing. He understood and left, but we decided to get up after that. A girl at Taco Bell invited us to Hardies down the road last night for breakfast, so we stopped at Hardies early that morning and she gave us food. We stayed at Hardies for a while and then continued walking. Whilst walking past Taco Bell again, a elderly lady ran up to us and offered to buy us lunch. We joined them for lunch at the same Taco Bell we camped out at. She was ecstatic about what we were doing and drove us to her church down the road to spend the night. Her name was Mother Robashaw, her real name I don’t know (she was given that name by the church because she is like a mother to everyone there), but she and some ladies from her church were evangelizing in Smithville. When they were finished Mother Robashaw went to lunch at Taco Bell where she ran into us and took us in. When we arrived they let us set up camp in the prayer room. There, we met Shala Love and Robin who were the two other ladies who were evangelizing with Robashaw. We told them our story and we helped them clean (sweep the floors) the church for the Sunday service in the morning. The church is called The Edge Worship Center. The ladies then left and Lesly one of the deacons and also one of the security guards of The Edge showed us around the building. He also informed us of a diner for dinner down the road called Kilgore’s. Trevor and I walked to the restaurant and ate some good stuff; a blue cheese burger and fish tacos. We then went back to The Edge church building. Trevor and I worked on the website and completed our first video log, and laid out on the prayer room couch for bedtime while one of us slept on the ground with a sleeping mat and sleeping bag. God just providing like usual!


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